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Accutane (Isotretinoin)

Accutane (generic name: Isotretinoin) is a retinoid, i.e. it is a form of vitamin A. The medication is used to treat nodular acne. As a rule it is used after other topical or oral medicines and antibiotics pharmacy have proven ineffective for treating the symptoms. Accutane acts through reducing the amount of oil being produced by the oil glands in your skin. The medication also helps your skin to recover and renew itself in shorter period of time. At the beginning of treatment your acne may get worse, but then it will begin improving steadily.

This medication canadian pharmacy no prescription should not be used, if you are pregnant or plan/may become pregnant, since it causes serious, even life-threatening birth defects. Before you start taking Accutane, you should have a30 days-old negative pregnancy test. Immediately call your doctor and stop using Accutane, if you think you might be pregnant.

During the period of treatment with Accutane, take no vitamin A-containing supplements. Do not donate blood during treatment and 30 days after you stop taking Accutane. Avoid UV rays - both natural (such as sunlight) and artificial (like tanning beds and sunlamps) - when undergoing buy cheap Valium treatment with Accutane. UV rays make skin more sensitive and can cause sunburns even in smaller doses. Be careful when driving or doing things that require clear vision: the medication may impair it temporarily, especially at nightfall. The safe use of Accutane is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the medication generic Ambien is available through iPLEDGE, a special program.

When taking Accutane, do it strictly as prescribed by your doctor. Do not take it longer than prescribed or in amounts smaller or larger than recommended by your doctor. Always take the buy cheap Propeciamedication with a full glass of water in order to avoid the irritation it may cause when melts in your food pipe (the esophagus). The capsule of Accutane should be swallowed without chewing, with milk or food. Do not take Accutane with steroids, seizure medications, tetracycline antibiotics and some other medications.